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Magdalena Nowak – Founder

I´m an avid traveller, a professional and glacier guide. Translator of four languages. My passion for adventure is fearless and limitless. Having travelled to more than 42 countries, and a citizen of more than 6, I´m open-minded and have a special sensitivity to the different cultural needs of the people around me. Passionate about outdoor activities, I am always looking to push the limits and discover more. Previously a flight dispatcher, I am professional, determined and eager to launch into the unknown. Currently living in Iceland, I have worked for renowned adventure companies such as Glacier Adventure, Mountaineers, Arctic Adventure, Glacier Guides, Bike Company and Into the Glacier. I have explored this island full of natural beauty, with its countless glaciers and volcanoes.

Nordvac philosophy

We want you to feel 100% important as every one of you is special to us and we want to provide you with precious memories that will last a lifetime. Our goal is to fulfil your dream of experiencing an unforgettable adventure in wild nature. We do this through personal touch, a private guide and experience the local people as well as the local fauna and flora. We strive to send each customer home with a backpack full of stories and with the inescapable desire of wanting to return to rugged Iceland.

You will:

Hike around amazing trails Hike the volcanoes and glaciers of Iceland Dive in incredible waters Ice climbing Go 4x4 Feel like a star

Why us?

because we are …


No fear and no limits

Eco-friendly with a focus on minimizing the environmental impact of tourism.

We are dedicate to fullfil your needs

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