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People standing in Cristal Ice Cave, Iceland
Duration: 3 Días, Nivel: Fácil
Price: 89 990 Isk

Tres días por la Costa Sur te llevará a los lugares más pragmáticos de Islandia. Glaciares, cascadas, cuevas de hielo, Circulo Dorado y la Auroras Boreales son unas cuantas joyas naturales de esta isla.

Momentos Destacados
  • Þingvellir (Parque Nacional de Thingvellir)
  • Geysir hot springs
  • Cascada de Gullfoss
  • Cueva de Hielo
  • Cascada de Seljandsfoss
  • Cascada de Skogafoss
  • Glaciar de Vatnajökull - El glaciar más grande de Europa
  • Reserva Natural de Skaftafell
  • Laguna glaciar de Jökulsárlón
  • Pueblo costero de Vík
  • Playa de arena negra de Reynisfjara
  • Auroras Boreales
  • Grupos reducidoa
  • Glaciar y el volcán de Eyjafjallajökull / Vista al volcán*
  • Volcán de Hekla / Vista al volcán*

* Vista al Eyjafjallajökull glacier o volcán de Hekla Volcano y la entrada a la cueva de hielo estan sujetos a las condiciones meteorológicas.
Tenga en cuenta que las cuevas son un fenómeno natural y por el mismo imprevisible. Visitaremos una de las cuevas de hielo la que cumplirá con todos los requerimientos de seguridad.


Crystal Ice Cave, Iceland
Northern Lights in Iceland
Seljalandfoss Waterfall
Eyjafjallajokull Volcano landscape
Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach in Iceland
Reynisfjara Black Sand Beach in Iceland
Reynisdrangar in Vík, Iceland
View on Svinafelljokull Glacier, Iceland
Black sand beach and icebergs at Jokulsarlon Lagoon
Jokúlsarlón Glacier Lagoon landscape
Jókursárlón Glacier Lagoon, Iceland
Icelandic Horses
Jókursárlón Glacier Lagoon, Iceland

Remember to bring: Warm outdoor clothing, a waterproof jacket and pants, headwear and gloves. Good hiking shoes are recommended.

Please note that if you do not choose the single supplement you will be paired in a twin room with another participant of the same gender.

Day 1: The famous Golden Circle Route
The Golden Circle is first on the agenda with its three main attractions; Thingvellir, Geysir and Gullfoss. Thingvellir National park, one of UNESCO’S world heritage site Is our first stop. Here Icelanders founded their parliament in the year 930, making it the world’s oldest running parliament. Thingvellir is rich of geological wonders and national history. The Eurasian and North American tectonic plate meet in Thingvellir and you can clearly see the drift that has occurred over the years. Lake Thingvallavatn is the largest natural lake in Iceland and the whole area is covered with birch bushes that are very characteristic for the area.
Next we visit Haukadalur valley geothermal area. The renown hot spring Geysir, the one all other hot springs have their name from, lies dormant at the moment. But Strokkur, spouting water up to 25 meters into the air every 5-8 minutes, is very much alive and has taken over as the king of the area. Explore the Geysir area on your own and walk among springs of all shapes and sizes with a great opportunity in every footstep. Gullfoss, the golden waterfall, is the last site on the Golden Circle route. This magnificent waterfall is the most visited one in Iceland and for a good reason to. The amazing site of the roaring water rushing into the canyon is definitely something to write home about. From the Golden circle, we drive through the fruitful agricultural area of south Iceland towards ring road nr. 1. On our way there will be possibilities for great sights all around, Mt. Hekla being one of them on a clear day. Our next stop will be Seljalandsfoss waterfall – the one you can walk behind and enjoy from both sides. Skógafoss is a site not to be missed while in Iceland. Running from Eyjafjallajökull glacier the water in Skógafoss has come a long way. This impressive cascade falls 60 meters into the calm Skógará river. The mesmerizing view of this majestic fall can keep you captured for a while, but make sure to be back on the bus in time because there is so much more to see. The last stop of this magical day is the black sand beach Reynisfjara. The Atlantic Ocean really shows its force here, so be careful to follow the guidelines from your tour guide. The basalt pillars Reynisdrangar, rising from the sea just off shore, gives you a good idea where some of the Icelandic folklore springs from. Don’t miss the basalt column cave before you leave the black sand beach. We spend the night in a country hotel just out of the small coastal town of Vík where we will have the possibility of catching the Northern lights if the conditions are right.

Day 2: Ice caving and Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon
Please note that if you do not choose the single supplement you will be paired in a twin room with another participant of the same gender.

From our accommodation place, we continue our journey towards the east through enchanting lava fields and desert glacier sands. A wonderful contrast of scenery. Our main object today is a glacier adventure, which includes crystal cave in Vatnajökull and the magnificent Jökulsárlón glacier lagoon. After a thorough safety briefing and gearing up, we go into the crystal cave. Here you have about 45 minutes to explore the magical blue ice and take photos. Our certified glacier guides will lead you through the ice cave, ensuring your safety at all times. New ice caves are formed each winter and we have to rely on nature to keep the temperature below the freezing point to make the scenery in and around the cave the best. The blue color appears when the air is pressed out of the ice and it becomes completely dense. Fortunately, there’s a degree of flexibility in this tour. The weather in Iceland is ever changing and we want to ensure that your traveling experience will be optimal. Your guide will, therefore, decide how it’s best to operate the tour each time so you might visit the cave on day three if the guide estimates the conditions to be better then. The temperature inside the glacier is well below the freezing point so please dress accordingly. After the crystal cave, we make our way to the glacier lagoon, Jökulsárlón. The lagoon and a close by beach, filled with icebergs of different size and shape, are dreamlike sights in the twilight of the afternoon. Sometimes seals can be spotted in the lagoon. After this day’s glacier adventure, we head to the hotel in Skaftafell area where we will spend the night. We will, of course, also keep an eye out for the Northern lights that night for the darkness of the countryside offers a great opportunity for Aurora spotting.

Day 3: Glacier walk and the South shore
After breakfast, we move out to the glacier again. Vatnajökull glacier is the biggest glacier in Europe and thus, it has many outlet glaciers that are perfect for glacier hikes – our specialized glacier guides will pick the best possible one for the group. There are no physical preconditions needed for the glacier hike, but you will have to be able to hike for an hour, at least, to fully enjoy the glacier tour. After the hike, we will head back to Reykjavík. This day gives us a chance to visit some of the sites from day one again on our way to Reykjavik. There will also be possibilities for some additional stops – all in accordance with the weather and conditions for we know that the forces of nature are in charge of all our actions during the winter. We will be in Reykjavík between 8 and 11 PM, depending on weather and conditions.

Rated: Easy
Duration: 3 days.
Pick up time: 8:00-8:45 and drop off 21:00 to 24:00 the following day.
Included: Pick-up from your hotel in Reykjavík, a guided tour in a minibus, a visit to Þingvellir, Geysir, Gullfoss, a visit to Seljalandsfoss, Skogafoss, Reynisfjara, Skaftafell, Jokulsarlon Ice Glacier Lagoon, Crystal Ice Cave, a certified glacier guide. Hotel room with bathroom, and breakfast.
Please note, that if you do not choose the single supplement you will be paired in a twin room with another participant of the same gender.
Please note, that food is NOT included on this tour, except breakfast on day 2 & 3.
Minimum age: 10 years, because of age restrictions in Ice Caves.
Maximum number of participants: 16 persons per guide.
* Views of Eyjafjallajökull glacier, Hekla Volcano and entrance to the crystal cave are subjected to weather conditions. Please note, that ice caves are an ever changing natural phenomenon and, therefore, unpredictable. We will visit one ice cave during the tour and the choice of a cave is based on conditions and safety.