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Tour guide with Icelandic horses
Duration: 3 Days, Easy Level
Price: 70 000 ISK
How often have you thought about taking a different kind of tour, a path off the beaten track. A tour where you can really see what the country is about as you embark on some really worthwhile outdoor activities.
NordvacExpedition has done the thinking for you, and come up with an irresistible tour along South Coast, where you can visit the most iconic sights and do some great exercise in nature. The South of Iceland has a lot to discover, amazing waterfalls, National parks, glacier and volcanoes. All activities in this tour are optional and taken as intensely as you feel you are capable of.

Day 1:

We will departure from Reykjavik in the morning and head South towards Hveragerdi. Hveragerdi is a cozy little town whereby the landscape has been changed drastically by a 2008 by an earthquake which reached 6,6 Richter scale. New geysers and hot springs have emerged, gracing the trail towards the hot river. We will hike towards one of the active volcano in Iceland Hengill, in which high geothermal activity is extremely beneficial for the South part of Iceland as a source of renewable energy. After this 12-15 km hike we will stop at the hot river to take a relaxing bath. We will stay overnight in beautiful surroundings with a view of the Hekla volcano, and visit a local farm and enjoy a delicious dinner among locals.

Day 2:

We continue on the South Coast and admire the miracles of the Nature: the spectacular waterfall of Seljalandfoss and Skógarfoss or ancient cliffs located kilometers away from the sea shore. We will see the Eyjafjallajokull volcano and the farm located just at the foot of this beautiful beast, and which survived the destruction of 2010. We will bath in a natural hot pool, in which the hot water is a byproduct of the high activity of the Eyjafjallajokull volcano. From there we will discover an airplane wreck stranded for years on the black sand beach and then continue to Vik with its amazing Coast and vast black sand beaches. After this we will stay overnight around Kirkjubærklostur.

Day 3:

One of the most beautiful and breathtaking parts of Iceland with the biggest icecap in Europe is Vatnajokull. The magnitude of this glacier and more than 3 active volcanic systems carved an inconceivable beauty, which is impossible to understand and embrace in a short moment. Graced with such beauty we will get to a Jokulsarlón Glacier Lagoon with its millennial Icebergs floating towards the ocean. We might take a boat ride among those Icebergs and spot some interesting features. On our way back we stop for homemade lamburgers and a visit The Skaftafell National Park for a glacier walk, where we learn about history and glaciology. After this adventure we will set back to Rvk.
  • Warm outdoor clothing, a waterproof jacket and pants, headwear and gloves,
  • Good hiking shoes.
  • Please note that the tour does not include meals.